How to choose the perfect beachwear style

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Are you always wondering if you should wear swimwear or not?

Let me tell you something to have the perfect beach body. You just need to have a body. Every woman deserves to go to the beach in a swimsuit that they can feel comfortable and happy in. Nowadays, even the runaways are promoting diversity by showing different types of bodies and encouraging women to become more confident and wear all kinds of swimsuits without being ashamed.

The sense of beauty has changed over the years, and people had started to value all body types, differently from the past, when we used to see only skinny models wearing fancy swimsuits on the runways.

Now, let’s look at some styles that will help to enhance your body beauty so you can feel empowered when wearing swimsuits at the beach, lakes or swimming pools.

Take a look into four styles that will help you decide which one is better for your body type

The first style is the tie-side bottom, this style is one of my favourites because it’s perfect for getting that dreamed tan. Besides that, it also gives a hip effect duo to the knot on both sides. It creates an ideal contrast between your waist and hips. In some styles from South America beachwear, you can find bottoms with a special seam that is designed to give a lift on the butt. This style is suitable for two types of body, rectangle and hourglass type. For those with rectangle type whose waist and hips have the same width, the ties side bottom enhances your curves by add definition. And, for hourglass type, the side ties bottom will add volume to the hips and define your curves.


High-leg bottoms are the right style for women with triangle body type. This style of bikini is a trend from the 80s and still one of the favourites styles nowadays. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian helped to popularize this style and even went over the waist limit by wearing them above the hip bone.


High- waist bottoms are ideal for women with oval body type where their shoulders and hips are smaller than their waist. The goal for this body type is to take away the attention of their central part of the body. So, with the high waist bottoms, you can create the illusion of a thinner waist.

             Women with sunglasses at the beach wearing a black high-waist bikini.  

The one-piece swimsuit is a key piece which most women find it comfortable to wear. For this style, there are no restrictions. Women of any body shape can wear it. There are many variations of one-pieces you just need to find the one you find the most attractive and comfortable for yourself.


Now you are ready to start looking for the style that best suits your body type with elegance and confidence. Stop thinking that you are not in your best shape to wear a bikini or a swimsuit, all women are beautiful and deserve to be appreciated just the way they are.

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