Sunshine Brazilian Beachwear has been in the market since May of 2017. It all started when its founder, Tatiana Santana, saw a need for bringing into Canada high quality swimwear with a Brazilian style and its charming designs at competitive pricing. The inspiration came from a Brazilian brand which sells incredible bikinis.

After searching about this brand, Tatiana ended up buying some products for herself. This way she was able to check its quality and tropical looking designs. When the first order of bikinis was delivered, she fell in love for them and decided to start selling them locally. At first, she started selling them to some close friends, and after only few weeks, the news spread and a lot of people started to reach her out to learn more about those beautiful bikinis.

Since then, Sunshine Brazilian Beachwear has been expanding and increasing its line of products by switching from local sales to the online market. Our bikinis are available in different sizes and styles, we also have a variety of cover-ups which will help you to enhance your beach look.

Sunshine Brazilian Beachwear is committed to deliver products with an excellent quality at a fair price and also to provide a great customer service.

Our Mission

To inspire and rouse the feel of empowerment and comfort in our customers with the most desirable Brazilian beachwear styles.